YALIN Analiz Hizmetleri A.Ş.

About us

Yalın Analiz Hizmetleri A.Ş. has started its activities in Istanbul in 2017 with its laboratory equipped with the latest technology devices and its expert staff.

Lean Analysis; Clothing, Fabrics, Textiles, Prints, Plastics,, Textile Accessories, Paints, Toys Made of Textile or Textile Parts, Leather and Artificial Leather Products, Leather Accessories, Shoes, Footwear and Components, Bags, Belts, Jewelry, Children's Metal Accessories , Stationery, Baby & Children Use and Care Items, Cleaning and Personal Care etc. is a private laboratory established in Istanbul for testing the conformity of the products with the standards with chemical analysis methods, completely indigenous and independent from all sectors it serves.

Lean Analysis, accredited as the first and only in Turkey Sunglasses analysis and serves a great need in the industry.

Lean Analysis aims to respond to the expectations of the sector, to develop itself in the face of changing customer demands with its young staff, and to respond to its customers in a principled, reliable and fast manner.

Lean Analysis proves that every service it offers is at international level and proves its activities in this direction with a quality management system at international level.

To be a pioneer and reference laboratory in the field with its infrastructure, latest technology and devices equipped with the latest technology, which emphasizes the importance and value of human and environmental health, always raises awareness on this subject, emphasizes ecological compliance in consumer product analyzes, and meets the necessary requirements in the sector.

To determine the analysis needs of manufacturers, suppliers, intermediaries, import and export companies at national and international level; to participate in the audits performed by independent organizations to respond to their needs in a reliable, accurate and fast way and to prove that each service is international.