YALIN Analiz Hizmetleri A.Ş.

Cell Phone Cases

As part of product safety, mobile phone cases, like many imported consumer products, are subject to inspection. Within the scope of the 2020/12 consumer products import control notification, The chemical test conformities of the mobile phone protective equipments for which below G.T.İ.P. codes are given must be fulfilled.

 Before import, the chemical evaluations of the relevant products are in compliance with the regulation, allows the process to be managed well during import.

 As Yalın Analysis, we carry out laboratory tests of your products in accordance with the Import control notification of the Ministry of Trade.

 For mobile phone cases, according to Consumer Products Import Control Communiqué (Product Safety and Control 2020/12) published in the Official Gazette dated 27 December 2019 and numbered 30991, G.T.İ.P. codes, and their eligibility criteria are given below.

 Limit values ​​of chemical conformity required in the Communiqué are given in the Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Permission and Restriction of Chemicals published in the official gazette dated June 23, 2017 and numbered 30105.

 Cell Phone cases consist of plastic, leather or metal parts. Chemical compatibility tests are required for every color and material.

 PAH's, Cadmium  and Lead tests are applied to plastic parts. Azo Dyestuff tests are applied to textile parts, Azo Dyestuff and Chromium +6 Determination tests are applied to leather parts.