YALIN Analiz Hizmetleri A.Ş.

Sunglasses Analysis


Sunglasses, released to the market or imported must comply with the Personal Protective Equipment Regulation published in the official gazette numbered 30761. This regulation takes its content from the European PPE Directive 89/686 / EEC. The directive revised in 2019 is replaced by the 2016/425 PPE regulation.

 Sunglasses released to the market or imported, must comply with the standards specified by the regulation. The properties that should be in sunglasses are specified in the standard "TS EN ISO 12312-1 Eye and face protection - Sunglasses and releated eyewear- Part 1: Sunglasses for general use".According to this standard, sunglasses areapproved as a result of a series of optical, transmittance, physical and chemical testsincluded in the standard of "TS EN ISO 12311 Personal Protective Equipment - Test methods for sunglasses and releated eyewear". 

Yalın analysis is the only laboratory in Turkey that is accrediated about sunglasses.