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Sunglasses Inspections Started in Import


09/09/2020, a formal letter numbered 24545304-553.02 on the Inspection of Sunglasses was sent to the Customs Consultancy Associations by the General Directorate of Product Safety and Inspection of the Ministry of Trade. As known, sunglasses included in numbered 2020/11 product safety and inspection communique are inspected at the import stage in terms of document and sign adequacy.On the other hand, laboratory tests can be added to inspections for some product groups, if possible domestically. In this context, sunglasses with CTSP numbers 9004., 9004., 9004. will be tested as of 21/09/2020 and products that pass the test can be imported.In that letter, Mentioned that the sunglasses will be subjected to the Laboratory Test from the date specified.Yalın Analysis Services Inc. is the first and only with Laboratory have an International Accreditation in Turkey about sunglasses analysis. Our laboratory is also approved by the Ministry of Trade.Please contact us for Accredited Sunglasses Tests in Compliance with Personal Protective Equipment Import Notification and Regulation, EN ISO 12312-1 Standard.

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